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Monday, August 26, 2013

Top Work Wheels

work wheels logo
Work makes absolutely beautiful wheels. Here's some of my favorite ones.

Work VS-XX

work vs-xx wheel in burning silver
Work VS-XX in Burning Silver
The Work VS-XX is a beautiful mesh design that adds style to any car that
these wheels are put on. This is a 2-piece wheel.
Available Sizes: 18, 19, 20 inch
Colors Available: Burning Silver, Gold
red bmw with work vs-xx burning silver wheel
This BMW 330i is sitting on Work VS-XX wheels in Burning Silver

Work Schwert SC1

work schwert sc1 in crystal silver wheel
Work Schwert SC1 in Crystal Silver
The Work Schwert SC1's give a nice multi-spoke look to a car.
Available Sizes: 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 inch
Colors Available: Black Polish, Crystal Silver, Machined Silver Polish
lexus gs with work schwert sc1 in black polish
This Lexus GS is shown with Work Schwert SC1's in Black Polish Finish

Work Meister S1

work meister s1 in silver
Work Meister S1 in Silver
The Work Meister S1's are nice classic wheels that match practically any car.
The bold 5-spoke design sets a bold statement. They look great on sports
cars (such as the 350/370Z, G35/37, etc.) as well as sedans (such as Audi
A4's, BMW 3-series, Lexus IS, etc.).
Available Sizes: 18, 19 inch
Available Colors: Bright Buff, Silver, White
black audi a4 with work meister s1 silver
Audi A4 with Work Meister S1 in Silver

Work Equip 01

work equip 01 wheel
The Work Equip 01's are classic wheels.  You've probably seen these wheels on
more old school Toyota Corolla's (AE86's) than you can imagine.  These wheels
are great for smaller cars who aren't in to getting big wheels and aren't concerned
about deep dish wheels, etc.  
Available Sizes: 14, 15 inch
Available Color: Black Polish
Mazda Miata with Work Equip 01 in Black Polish

Work XSA 02

work XSA 02 light metallic gold wheel
Work XSA 02 in Light Metallic Gold
The Work XSA 02's offer a beautiful multi-spoke design without being considered
a "mesh" type of wheel.  These wheels will match virtually any car it's put on.
Available Sizes: 17, 18 and 19 inches
Available Colors: Crystal Silver, Light metallic Gold, Matt Gunmetal, WORK Black Chrome, White
Subaru WRX with Work XSA 02 in Light Metallic Gold
Subaru WRX with Work XSA 02 in Light Metallic Gold

Work Gnosis GS2

work gnosis gs2 brush silver clear wheel
Work Gnosis GS2 in Brush Silver Clear
The Work Gnosis GS2 is one of my favorite wheels because it's a classic double
5-spoke star design.  These designs match virtually any vehicle.  The variety of sizes
and colors ensure that there's many choices offered to buyers.
Available Sizes: 18,19,20,21 inches
Available Colors: Brush Silver Clear, Matted Silver, Matte Deep Black, Black Shadow
Nissan 370Z on Work Gnosis GS2 in Matted Silver
Nissan 370Z on Work Gnosis GS2 in Matted Silver


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