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I wish there was more to say about me, but I'm not really that interesting at all.  I have a passion for cars, photography, video, and electronics.  Basically, a typical guy, really.  I started this site as a diversion to show my love for the industry.  It's really a hobby for me. 

Why is your car (or photo) on this site?
You should be happy that it is!  This means that I determined that your ride is worthy to be shared with everyone on my site.  If you want your picture removed, please email me (listed below) and let me know about it.  However, if you'd like to share more pictures with me and have them posted here, please do not hesitate to drop me a line and email me.

Do you want your ride to appear here?
Not a problem at all!  Just email me your pictures and some info and I will gladly post them!

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Email:  jaydawg808+sa [at]
Yes, my email has a "+" in it!