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Sunday, September 15, 2013

My thoughts on car show Import Models

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Just what exactly IS an "Import Model?"  For most folks these days, it's just a girl with big breasts in a bikini top posing next to a vehicle at a car show/event.  Most of these women, if they're amateurs, are just there for eye candy......and aren't really a professional model.  Don't get me wrong, there are some very nice "models" at car shows....then you have the slut ones.  And ones that just don't belong there.

Which brings us to the "real" import models.  I've been following the import scene for a LONG time.  It's important to note that girls will always be at car shows.  It's an integral part of the culture.  No matter what kind of event it is, imports or domestics, girls will always be there.  And cars and girls are built into our brains.  They just go together.

Ever since I attended my first car show, I've seen these girls parading around.  Now, I have nothing against import models, and I respect they're part of the culture, but some of them don't really deserve to be given much attention.

Just what exactly should an import model be?  Someone who's a role model to other younger women who aspire to be like them?  A person who's super nice and personable?  A person without fake bolt ons (though this is hard to come by these days)?

To me, an import model is one who is classy and isn't trashy.  Yes, she can have fake bolt on equipment, but it all depends.  To me, an import model is one who is REAL.  Not one that does anything to promote herself when you really can tell it's not at all who she is.  Now, don't get me wrong, I haven't met every single one out there, and it's doubtful that I ever will, but here's my list of who (in my opinion) is real and who I don't particularly like.

Who I think is REAL:

elissa alva black and white
Elissa Alva

Elissa Alva - Elissa Alva has got to be one of the most realest models I've ever seen.  She shares a lot about her life (daily & professional).  She has a man who supports her no matter what.  She also shares about her son.  You'll see Elissa staying real, and that's how it's supposed to be!

holly lee tein umbrella
Holly Lee

Holly Lee - I like Holly Lee because she's not fake.  She doesn't go to the dark side just to promote herself.  I like her.

jenn q illest
Jenn Q

Jenn Q - I like Jenn Q because she's cute.  She's attractive and has a style all her own.  Only thing that would make her better, is if her boobs were not fake.  Okay, I said it!  Boobs aren't everything, folks.

Who I don't like:

dannie riel gif
Dannie Riel

Dannie Riel - Maybe it's how I get the impression that she thinks she's all that.  I don't like how she thinks she is all that, when she's really nothing special in my opinion.  If she didn't have those fake boobs, she'd just be a regular looking female.  Granted, she is attractive (though not by much), but really, there are better attractive ones out there. What really makes her popular is a mystery to me.

arika sato sitting denim shorts white top
Arika Sato

Arika Sato - She has got to have one of the most annoying voices ever.  Have you seen her videos on YouTube?  I couldn't live with a person with such a voice like that everyday.  And, while she is moderately attractive, all that make-up works wonders for her.  It's pathetic that she has to have fake boobs that large just to get her popularity.

christine mendoza stripped dress
Christina Mendoza

Christine Mendoza - She's been in the import game for a LONG time. And that is why it's starting to show.  I'm sick of seeing Christine Mendoza everywhere.  She's honestly not attractive.  She looks like any other girl from down the street with big boobs (that she'll readily show fully nude).  That's it!  Get over the boobs and her scantily clad outfits.  She's NOT attractive at all. Her boobs are *probably* real since they're so droopy. So I'll give her a +1 on being natural (if they are).

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